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Eight Magazine 'Living with Chinese Art'

This is our brand new first edition of our magazine Eight – Living With Chinese Art. With this magazine we aim to show the world how beautiful and accessible Chinese art can be and how well it works as part of an interior. Inspiration was also the key word, when we were deciding what content to include within the pages. There are a monumental amount of things we can get excited about in our world, so making a selection was not easy. Firstly we opted to show our objects in three completely different settings, classic as well as modern, which we think truly reflects the versatility of Chinese works of art. We hope that you will enjoy reading the magazine, as much as we did making it. Be inspired by the beautiful images, interesting people and through them enter our world !

The Dining Room | Living with Chinese Art Part II

Over 50 years of experience

In the last 50 years we have earnt an excellent reputation, on which existing and new clients can rely. Now, with the second generation at the helm, we have built up a broad and varied collection with an extensive and reliable worldwide network in which we source our works. The variety of objects is just immense – which never fails to surprise and encourage us. .

It's the team effort that transforms an artwork in a Vanderven object.

The company is run by a small but expert team of four. Each one of us has it's own expertise with one passion we all share: Chinese art.

Provenance is what defines an object.

Provenance has become a vital part of an object, in addition to authenticity, condition and rarity. It tells you about the owners at a certain point in time, putting the object in the perspective of its whereabouts and taste of that period. Each time an object changes hands, another new chapter is added to its history. Interestingly enough, we as dealers and you as buyers, are adding provenance to objects by obtaining it, cherishing it and then passing it on to the next owner. That's also the case for the Fishermen Plate. Discover more about the amazing history behind this object.

Provenance Chinese fishermen plate
Chinese fishermen plate Provenance

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Each catalogue is carefully made and dedicated to a specific type, period or collection of the finest Chinese artwork.


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Gallery weekend 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2019

Published on 11 November 2019

Our red room is transformed by Reineke Antvelink (RA Studio) into a warm and contemporary dining room.

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50th Anniversary Vanderven Oriental Art!

Published on 10 October 2019

In honor of our 50th anniversary we presented a newly refurbished space, transformed into a comfortable living area by interior designer Reineke Antvelink. In this room we demonstrate how Chinese art fits into a contemporary interior. An inspiring mix of old and new!

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Fine Art Asia 3 - 7 October 2019

Published on 10 October 2019

The 15th edition of FAA was the first in partnership with Masterpiece London. Again this year we exhibited ancient Chinese Bronzes, porcelain, works of art and lacquer. We were aware that the news coverage of the current situation in Hong Kong is causing concern worldwide however we had a wonderful time coming to the beautiful city of Hong Kong again this year!

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