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As dealers in Chinese art we sell and acquire Chinese art objects! Obtaining for our stock, we can offer you a fair current market price for your Chinese object. It is also possible that we sell your object, or collection -on consignment- this works as follows: Floris van der Ven will assess your object(s) and will propose a net consignment price and duration of the consignment period. The period normally runs for 1,5 years. We will add our sales margin to the net price and start the selling process. In case of a sale and payment has been received from the buyer, we will remunerate you the net amount. The net amount includes: shipping of the object, insurance during the consignment period, PR and marketing cost, photography and display cost, VAT and import fees on the sale if applicable. Just about every expense involved to keep matters simple. If we come to an agreement, an official consignment agreement is drafted and signed by both parties.  

You can have your Chinese object appraised by Floris van der Ven for insurance, inheritance or sales intentions. With over 30 years of in-depth knowledge of the international Chinese art market, incorporated with our extensive reference library, you will be presented a thoroughly-researched authentication and valuation of your object.

Written appraisals: If you would like a written appraisal you will have to visit our gallery in ‘s-Hertogenbosch with your objects. After close examination by Floris van der Ven, the preliminary appraisal is made which will be composed to a written report (hard copy) and sent to you in due course. The charges involved are Euro 750,-- ( excl. 21% VAT) for the first 3 objects.

Verbal appraisals: Another option is a verbal appraisal. You will have to visit our gallery with your object. After close examination by Floris van der Ven, the appraisal is made verbally. The charge for such a verbal appraisal has a flat fee of Euro 150,- ( incl. 21% VAT) for the first 5 objects, amount to be paid in cash.    

On site appraisals: Do you request an appraisal at home? We can come and visit you on site. After contacting our gallery, an estimate of the cost will be offered, based on the requirements you need.

Occasionally your Chinese object needs restoration or cleaning. We can help you find the right professional conservator or restorer to take care of your object. To safely display a new purchase or an existing one, a custom made stand or showcase might be necessary. We have the right professional artisans who can create an adapt solution.

Optimizing the sale of your complete Chinese art collection and house clearance. We can assist you in clearing the complete contents of the house of your family when you have no idea where to start. The French commode up to the lawnmower will be given the best sales-destination to create the maximum revenue possible. We can advise you to sell the contents of the house via the various trade channels, regional or international auction houses or to donate to charity. But best of all we will do all the work for you. A key-project, hassle-free, just a phone call away! Office: +31736146251



Each of the objects in our collection is thoroughly researched, using our extensive library, archives and ever growing online resources. Our ample research library is our pride and joy and is constantly being upgraded and added to. We currently have one of the best specialist libraries in our field to work with. It holds a wide range of publications  from rare out of print books, as well as the latest publications, journals and international auction catalogues.


Vanderven Guarantee

Foremost owning an artwork should always bring great pleasure, and enrich your home and collection. However, with each object that is purchased we provide all the academic information and certificate of authenticity in a written report - which becomes the object’s ‘passport.’ In the report we include background the information and literature references for the object, as well as the provenance and early invoices if they are available.  Early wares generally also have their original thermo-luminescence test or metallurgy report.


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