We discussed the history of Chinese Ceramics, illustrated by five representative objects from major periods in Chinese art history: Han, Tang, Ming, Kangxi & 19th century.

A Short History in Chinese Art

Han Dynasty (206BC - AD220)

Day one: We started with the Han Dynasty which expands over 400 hundred years, from 206BC until AD220. We will also show other examples from the period and place them in their historical context.

Tang Dynasty (618-907)

Day two: Was all about the Tang Dynasty, with all its horses, court ladies, tomb figures and lots more. Enjoy!

Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Day three: Was about the Ming Dynasty, a time of great affluence & relative political stability. Jingdezhen became the Chinese capital of porcelain production, which grew enormously. Again so much to tell you about this period, enjoy watching!

Kangxi period (1662-1722)

Day four: We talked about the iconic Kangxi period. Kangxi was the longest reigning of any Chinese emperor, ushered in what historians call the High Qing, or the period of peak social, economic, and military power. Watch it here!

19th century (1811 - 1921)

Day five: The 19th century in China is a period of great Change. Modernisation is knocking at the door of traditional society. It is a period best known for Europeans wanting better trading position and the ensuing wars. Trade with Europe and America was done through the port of Canton, which was a hub through which all luxury goods exited China. The porcelain of this period is often unappreciated, despite its obvious qualities.