Gallery Event

ON FIRE | 10 - 12 Sept

For our upcoming gallery exhibition, we have chosen to focus on the element fire. Throughout the history of mankind, fire has been vital to the existence of humans, as well as being the key to progress. Man has been sustained and nurtured by fire – as it has always been used for cooking, warmth and of course the creation of ceramic vessels and works of art.

Guest Appearance

Our guest exhibition is of work by the talented contemporary artist Désirée Engelen from her Gardens of Fire series. In this work she uses fire and gunpowder to create flowers and gardens on canvas.


We will have various talks and handling sessions throughout the weekend. Due to the limited space of the talks, please let us know if you would like to attend:

Friday 10 September

4 pm| You’re Fired! Distinguishing Pottery from Porcelain – Floris van der Ven

Saturday  11 September

4 pm | Gardens of Fire – in coversation with Désirée Engelen about her work

Sunday 12 September

2 pm | You’re Fired! Distinguishing Pottery from Porcelain - Floris van der Ven

4 pm | Gardens of Fire  - Live performance Désirée Engelen

TEFAF Online | 9-13 Sept 2021 (Preview 8 September)

During this digital edition of TEFAF, each of the world’s leading dealers will present up to three artworks which tell a single, compelling story. Visitors can expect exciting new digital features, which will showcase and connect the rich array of works featured in the fair. There will also be virtual TEFAF Talks hosted by the Financial Times, Apollo Magazine, AAMC, Larry’s List, as well as intimate TEFAF Meet the Experts conversations. To access TEFAF Online, you need to register.