Double Vase with Covers

Object nr. 612 China, Guangxu period (1875-1908) Height: 10.8 cm. | Width: 9 cm.

Private Collection, France

€ 12,500

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Additional Information

Double Vase with Covers

A charming rock crystal double vase carved with symbols of longevity. The taller vase in a flattened hu-form, has a lid in the form of a sitting crane. It has two round handles on its shoulders. It stands on a rockwork base and leans against a plum blossom tree. The smaller shallow vase, which stands in front of the taller one, is decorated with Lingzi fungi and has a lid in the shape of a bat. The bat, crane, plum blossom and lingzhi fungus are all associated with longevity. Rock crystal is associated with purity of thought and behaviour. An object such as this would have probably used to adorn a scholars desk. Because of the longevity symbols, it would have been a very appropriate gift for a birthday.

Floris van der Ven