Gallery Event September 2018

50th Anniversary Vanderven Oriental Art!

interior, chinese art, flowers, living room

Living with Chinese Art

In honor of our 50th anniversary we presented a newly refurbished space, transformed into a comfortable living area by interior designer Reineke Antvelink. In this room we demonstrate how Chinese art fits into a contemporary interior. An inspiring mix of old and new!

A large collection of blue and white Chinese porcelain in all shapes and sizes, formed the heart of this exhibition. This reflects what Vanderven has been passionate about for the last 50 years and for many years to come.

New work by photographer Frank van Driel was on show as well. He has incorporated a selection of our Chinese porcelain into his unique modern interpretation of still lives. To see more of his work, visit his website.

Blue and White Porcelain

So much beautiful art to see in this cabinet, from blue and white porcelain, to works of art and pottery. We love to show you all the variety that Chinese Art has to offer and how to display it in your home. On the bottom right corner in the cabinet you see a large 'Kraak' dish with a 'Beast of the White Marsh' in the centre, called a Bai Ze. To read more on this white auspicious creature, see the link!

interior, wallpaper, bamboo, chinese, Canton interior, blue white, porcelain, chinese art
interior, blue white, porcelain, chinese art interior, wallpaper, bamboo, chinese, Canton

Wall Paper Panels

In this photo you can see two of the four wall paper panels depicting river scenes with boats with landscapes in the fore and background. The scenes are those of Canton seen from the South West. For more information on these gorgeous panels and to see the other two, follow the link!

Celebration & Transformation

See what our 'Blue Room' looked like before RA Studio transformed it into a cozy living room and how we celebrated our 50th anniversary!

"It's the power of the flower that enriches your event."

Paul Klunder

Who is Paul?

Paul Klunder, grew up in Dutch rural woodlands, where he developed his passion for flowers and plants at a very early age. After his horticultural higher education, he followed a masters course in botanical design. He began his career as a florist for various well-known decorators in The Netherlands, going on to start his own company in 2004.

Working from Antwerp, Paul has since realised projects for many prominent private and business clients throughout Europe, who all value his unique and exclusive creations with the highest personal service.