Jardiniere & Tray

Object nr. 659 China. Jiaqing period (1796-1820) Height: 19.2 cm | Width: 12.1 cm | Length: 28.5 cm

with Roger Keverne, UK

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€ 15,000

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Additional Information

A Hardstone Embellished Miniature tree in a cloisonné enamel Jardiniere on a tray

The octagonal cloisonné enamel jardinière is decorated all round with flowering branches. The broad edge has a key-fret pattern on the top and side and stands on bracket feet. It is 'planted' with a large and small blossom tree with pale jade leaves and blossoms with bright green petals and coral pistils.  The trees grow from a ground laid with three miniature boulders and other flowering shrubs with coral and rose quartz petals . It stand on a rectangular cloisonné tray with archaic motifs

Potted miniature landscapes, with real or recreated plants, are known in China as Penjing. Popular from the middle of the 18th century, they were made for the viewing pleasure and bringing nature indoors. The purpose of these landscapes was not just to re-create nature in a pot, but to capture its essence. A balanced composition was considered important, including the choice of container, the placement, species, shape and colour of the tree. Also the addition of other plants or shrubs as well as other items such as the rocks and figures.

Floris van der Ven