Civil Servants

Object nr. 205 China, Northern Wei period (386-535) Height: 27 cm

- Private Collection, The Netherlands
- purchased V&V 2009
TL Tested by Oxford Authentication ltd.
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€ 6,500

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Additional Information

Civil Servants

A pair of Chinese, grey pottery figures of standing civil servants. The figures have a grey coloured face with molded eyes, nose, ears and mouth painted with black and white pigment. They are wearing a flat hat with standing flap, typical of the Northern Wei period. The hair is clearly defined and painted in black. They wear a long coat with very wide and long sleeves. One is covered with red pigment, the other has red cuffs. A belt is tied around the waist. The left arm is hanging close to the body, the right hand is raised to the waist with opening for holding a pole. The tips of the shoes are visible from under the long and wide trousers. The grey pottery is covered in a white painted base-layer, the latter covered with elements of orange and red pigments.

Floris van der Ven