(Robin's Egg) Waterpot

Object nr. 910 China, 19th century Height: 4 cm | Diameter: 6 cm

Private Collection, France

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€ 2,250

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Additional Information

Robin's Egg Glaze

This term refers to an imitation Jun glaze and to wares bearing the glaze. The glaze is applied to a high-fired biscuit body and then fired in a low-temperature furnace. There are two variations ofthis glaze: the colorful one (yun) has golden spots in it while the plain one (su) does not. Examination of the extant vessels reveals that the glaze of those bearing the Yongzheng reign mark has larger mottled drippings and shows more red than blue, while that of wares bearing the Qianlong reign mark has smaller mottled drippings and more blue spots.

Floris van der Ven