Figures of Magu

Object nr. 578 China, Republic period (1912-1946) Height: 44.7 cm

Private Collection, The Netherlands

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Additional Information

Daoist Goddess Magu 麻姑  - The Hemp Maiden

Magu, is an eternally young and beautiful daoist goddess. She is a protector of women and usually depicted as a beautiful young woman with long nails. She is often depicted accompanied by cranes or spotted deer, as well as other longevity symbols such as peaches or lingzhi fungus.

She was especially celebrated for her magic elixir, which could bestow perpetual youth. According to the legend, Goddess Magu herself also lived for tens of thousands of years and had experienced the East Ocean turning into land and back into ocean three times

Magu – which translates as Hemp goddess - is a daoist immortal particularly associated with longevity life and is linked with the early Daoist religious usage of cannabis. Due to her popularity, temples were dedicated to her and mountains and caves named after her. Seen as a powerful and auspicious goddess, depictions of her are often given as birthday presents, to married couples or on important anniversaries. 

Floris van der Ven