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5 – 14 MARCH 2004
STAND # 102

Before you realise another year has passed and it is TEFAF Maastricht again!
Still the most important art fair in the world, collectors and art enthusiasts from all over the world flock to the Netherlands in March to visit “the Olympic Games of the art trade”.
After a successful year with new “fair adventures” in London, Paris and Switzerland, we will be presenting a refreshing new collection of Asian art at TEFAF Maastricht! In our traditionally blue stand you will encounter our new “White Room”. Here you will be treated to a large collection of Chinese blue & white porcelains from the Kangxi period. The second new theme will be the “Camel Cabinet”. Here we will present a group of impressive large Chinese terracotta camels dating from the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907).
We hope to welcome you personally at TEFAF Maastricht, stand 102, second on your right. Our telephone at the fair: +31 6 - 53178521 & +31 6 - 53707332


“Not pretty, but beautiful” – Nellie Ionides
35 pieces from the Ionides Collection

She bestrode the cultures of East and West like a colossus - the darling of English high society and the doyenne of Chinese Export porcelain collectors during the 1920s and 30s.
Nellie Ionides (1883-1962), the privileged daughter of Shell Oil magnate Sir Marcus Samuel, was a headstrong and intuitively gifted woman whose accumulation of Kangxi porcelain would elevate her to the pantheon of great Oriental porcelain collectors of the 19th and 20th centuries. Vanderven and Vanderven are pleased to announce the acquisition of 35 of her finest pieces from her granddaughter.
“Not pretty, but beautiful – that is how I would describe her”, said her grand-daughter Lady Camilla Panufnik. “Above all, she was witty and graceful and liked to be entertained”. Her talent for attracting the beau-monde of British society was fulfilled when she married the Art Deco architect Basil Ionides in 1930 and settled down in Buxted Park, perhaps the finest Palladian estate in Sussex. Basil was famous for designing the interior of the Savoy hotel and theatre, and his racy circle of actors, comedians and artists, like Cyril Maud and Dame Laura Knight, mingled freely with British royalty at Buxted.
In common with all great collectors, Nellie was aristocratic in her taste and aware of her connoisseurial ancestry, which in her case included the great Edwardian collector Richard Bennett, and the titanic American J.P Morgan. But unlike many collectors who circulate in the highest reaches of the art market, she was not afraid to swoop into the nooks and crannies of junk shops and village auction rooms in the English countryside. In fact, this was one of her favourite pastimes.
Nellie’s gift for finding museum quality porcelain was even more remarkable in view of the fact that she eschewed the guidance of top dealers and developed her own eye. Her grandson, Toby Jessel, recalled how the legendary Jim Kiddell, the Oriental porcelain expert at Sotheby’s, would often ask her opinion on authenticity and identification.
Much of her collection has been acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Museum of Canada, and Orleans House in Twickenham.
“At the end of her life, she wished that she could be present at the forthcoming sales of her collection to see how much money her treasures fetched and who bought them”, said Lady Panufnik. At Vanderven and Vanderven, we are proud to have the opportunity to pass on Mrs. Ionides’ fine Kangxi porcelain to a new generation of collectors.


In 2003 all auction records for Chinese porcelain were shattered! Traditionally Chinese porcelain records are set at the major auction houses in Hong Kong. Auction house Doyle of New York put a stop to this tradition with the sale of the F. Gordon Morrill collection in September 2003. This rare private collection consisted of remarkable 14th – 16th century blue and white porcelain made for the Chinese market, so-called Chinese taste porcelain. Collectors and dealers from mainland China as well as from the west eagerly battled for this collection in the sale room. Many pieces were sold to mainland Chinese collectors, if not they were the underbidders. The star lot, however, was a 14th century blue and white pilgrims flask which sold at a new world record for just over 5.8 million US dollars! The London based buyer was a collector of half-English and half-Chinese origin thus making the battle between Chinese and western collectors undecided.
It has become evident that the Chinese collectors from the People’s Republic of China are eager to acquire their Chinese taste porcelain wares at almost any price. Leading art journalist, Souren Melikian, from the International Herald Tribune, wrote: “Private wealth is growing fast in China. Sooner or later, its soaring interest in collecting is sure to set off a price explosion. Watch the Chinese art market!”


in Münster & Schloss Favorite”

“Schwartz Porcelain” is the title of the first exhibition to be held solely focussed on all aspects of Chinese and Japanese black porcelain wares, the passion for lacquer and their influence on European porcelain such as Meissen, Delftware and faience during the 17th - 19th centuries.
07/12/2003 – 07/03/2004: Lacquer Museum in Münster, Germany.
29/03/2004 – 27/06/2004: Schloss Favorite near Rastatt, Germany.
The German catalogue of the exhibition is available for € 42,00
Contact: Vanderven Art Books, Fax +31 (0)73 5134202;

Sèvres – Limoges - Marseille

A combined exhibition of Chinese export porcelains in the collections of the National Ceramics Museum of Sèvres and the National Museum Adrien Debouché in Limoges, France. For the first time, these museums exhibit their collections of Chinese export porcelains of the Kangxi period. Well represented are blue and white, famille verte and powder blue wares.
The exhibition will travel to the following cities:
20/11/2003 – 16/04/2004: Musée National de Céramique in Sèvres, France.
06/03/2004 – 01/06/2004: Musée National Adrien Debouché in Limoges, France.
25/06/2004 – 10/10/2004: Musée de la Faïence-Château Pastré in Marseille, France.
The French catalogue of the exhibition is available for € 50,00.
Contact: Vanderven Art Books, Fax +31 (0)73 5134202;

TULPOMANIA in Schloss Pillnitz, Dresden

This summer, Schloss Pillnitz will be the host of a long awaited exhibition on the tulip and its influence on art since the 16th century. Coming from over fifty public and private collections, the exhibition will comprise about 250 objects of prime quality (see brochure). The exhibition will be accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue.
08/05/2004 – 08/08/2004: Schloss Pillnitz, Dresden, Germany.


TEFAF Maastricht
MECC Maastricht
Maastricht, Netherlands
5 – 14 March 2004
Preview: 4 March 2004 
Grosvenor House
Art & Antiques Fair
Le Méridien Grosvenor House
London, UK
9 – 15 June 2004
Preview: 8 June 2004  

Fine Art & Antiques Fair
Olympia Exhibition Centre
London, UK
3 - 13 June 2004

September 2004
Date to follow