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622. Large Chinoiserie Nodding Figure

European, Probably French, circa 1900
Height: 80 cm

Provenance: private collection, Belgium

This large plasterwork figure, standing on a rectangular base, has a weighted nodding head. The long flowing green over-robes, are decorated on the front with peonies, green foliage and black cloud shapes. It has a contrasting yellow collar with stylised flowers. The under-robe is red, as are the square-toed shoes peeking out from under the gold trimmed hem. The outfit is completed by a high crowned black hat, with gold trimmings. As only the front is decorated, and the reverse left plain, it can be assumed it was to be viewed from the front.
The figure and base are in the style of the Art Deco period in the early 20th century. At this time there was a renewed interest in the orient, triggering a new Chinoiserie revival. This can be seen in all art forms of the period, including jewellery, interior and garden design.

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