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252. Wen Gong 文吏俑

China, Tang Dynasty (618 – 907AD)
Height: 59 cm
TL Tested by Oxford Authetication Ltd.


Provenance: - Private Collection, The Netherlands (2015)
- With Vanderven Oriental Art (1996)
- Private Collection, Belgium


A pair of terracotta figures of Civil Official (wen gong). They hold their hands in an honorific manner and have the serious countenance of a Confucian trained Tang scholar. They are dressed in official court dress comprising a short wide sleeved jacket in reddish orange, edged with a band of floral decoration. The long under robes are a lighter colour. Both figures wear black court hats - jingdeguan (crown for the imparting of virtue) - denoting their position as court councilor. The ceremonial cuirasses, held in place by black straps, have a floral design on the front. The tips of their black pointed shoes peep out from under their garments. All the coloured details are ‘cold decorated’ - meaning they were applied to the figures after the firing.

Figures of civil officials were often paired with their military counterparts, as well as guardians to form a protective group of figures in the tomb chamber. Comparable figures are in the Victoria & Albert Museum London (nr.C.30-1943) and the Shaanxi History Museum, Xian and the Meijintang Collection.

這對文官陶俑係隨葬明器。具有唐代儒家學士儀容的俑人敬握雙手,身穿橘紅色寬袖官服,袖邊有精美花紋,內著淺色長袍,頭戴黑色進賢冠,足穿黑色尖頭履,顯示其宮廷文吏身份。儒學士的地位。以黑色腰帶固定的禮儀性胸甲飾有花卉紋樣。 這些色彩都是在陶俑燒成冷卻後再添加的。


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